Friday, January 20, 2012

Markets are fun: Stroud Food Market in Cotswolds

 Cotswolds. I'd adapt more easily in Southern part of Cotswolds than Northern. It has hills and ups and downs which makes me feel at home. I find flat land uninviting. Perhaps because I am from a mountainous country?

The market is full of fresh supply of vegs. You get greeted by those perky looking colourful ones at the entrance of the market. It will wake you up in all senses.



 And prices tagged are reasonable. Not at all posh, which you would expect in such area.



Ohh, Rainbow Chard. I grew them last year in my garden for merely adding colour in otherwise green dominated space. Their taste is really, really wild spinach. I can't decide if I like the taste but can't help being drowned to this magical colour.