Wednesday, January 11, 2017

From Kernville to Death Vally Junction

Standing in the middle of road.

On my right.

On my left.

Salt marsh of Saline Valley, I think, from a direction I am looking at. There are hats and dirt roads in afar.

I am getting good at taking pix from a navigator seat while car is on the move.

Stopping for a lunch at Panamint Spring Resort.

Got to get greens whenever I see a decent salad on menu, otherwise it's pizzas and burgers. With Death Valley Cream Soda and oops how did it get on the table? chips.




Roadrunner was a cartoon from Disney animation films. Until I saw them here. They are real creature with blurry head like dashing cursors.

A petrol station with dinosaur machineries.

A couple came a little way backwards for a spot of lunch, it would've been a while if they missed this opportunity.  Looked Canadian but they were Dutch or German.