Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Road trip: SFO to New Orleans -- First, we take Kernville

A point-to-point rent car from SFO airport for 12days.

My camera is permanently fixed at F8/400 after an accident in Yosemite. A viewer displays a latest image I took but as a result of a damage on control button, it doesn't switch off itself and drains battery completely out if I don't apply a little force with my finger to turn it off. It became a pretty fixed, primitive camera with no reviewing options like an old film days. I am still immensely grateful to be being able to take photos.

One of impressive towel holding displays that I would be continued to be amazed.

A cafe behind of motorbikes was heaved with diners, possibly half of them were bikers.
Couldn't get in and no time for queuing for whole moning, we had to keep moving. Just
a light walk around town and time to go.

A shop window, a week after The Day of The Dead.

Champagne cork chairs - this motif would come up later on again on my trip.

A hand built RV. A guy at a pump in the shadow made it.